Thursday, December 27, 2012

Me, child.

Assalamualaikum and hye. How’re you? I hope that you’re in good condition. Okay, everyone has their own 
childhood memories, rite? So do I. My childhood memories was very beautiful. I write this post when I looked my old picture. I’m so putih hahaha.

Then Mama said “Putih kau Min, sekarang hitam legam” Lol. That’s true. What can I do, I’m nigga now. Hehehe. I want to show you something…..

I was Nascar rider. Sorry dude.

That's my punching bag. Did you that hole in the middle. I made it.
Beach boy. Hello ladies, hahaha.

These picture when i gave ceramah at masjid and i be their imam for Isya' prayer.

Spec model. I know that i'm handsome.

So all these photos made me feel very touched. I dont know why, haha. I love myself dude.

Sincere, Amin.

p/s : Mama and Abah, thanks for take a good care of me for 16 years. I do love you so much.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Assalamualaikum to all readers. How are you today? I hope that all of you are fine. So, I want to ask, why people always said that “life suck”? Shouldn’t they have to be grateful with what they have? Shouldn’t they grateful for live in peace and harmony?

“My life suck, I don’t what to do right now” Dude, please. If you don’t know what to do, you can read something, recite Al-Quran or anything that can make you feel calm. If you always want to enjoy with your life, so when you want to realise for all the sins that you’ve done? Dude, sometimes we have to do something good, actually it is not sometimes, but we always to do something good. With only niat, we get merit from Allah S.W.T. It’s easy right?

Then, another words that people always said. “I wish that I can go to another country coz this country really hot. Suck man!” Hoh, another problem. You supposed to grateful because you live in harmony and peace country. If you live at Palestine, what would you do right now? At Palastine, they have to hide or prepare for war all the time. Every second, every minute in position of war. Not only men or women that going for war, but also kids who they should going to school to study, playing happily. But not, kids at Palastine must be going for the war.

Israel have agreement to ceasefire with Palastine and Palastine agree. But, Israel have break the agreement. They start to kill people of Palastine. Adult or child, man or woman, no exception. They kill all of Palestine’s people wherever they are. It’s really sad. When I watched in TV, my heart touched, why must be like this? Innocent kid, baby killed with cruelty that can’t be imagined by myself. They’re blood everywhere. If we at Malaysia are bombarded with water, Palastine people are bombarded with bullet and nuclear. So sad.

But, I really respect Palastine people. No matter how hard their situation, their connection with Allah never forget to do. They pray with high humility. For them, when time to pray, they must focus to pray, put their humility in high level. In their war, they fight till their last breath, they fight really hard, they don’t afraid to die because they knew that they will die as mujahidin. They’ll die as mati syahid. And reward for mati syahid is jannah. Who want jannah? Everyone must want it, right? We must work very hard in order to get it.

For me, your life is suck because you don’t know how to manage it well. We live in world that created by Allah. There is no way it will be suck. If you live at Palastine right now, what would you do? Just be grateful because you live in harmony and peace. Many things that we can do, just we don’t see it. Just feel everything that you want to do, insyaAllah the joy will present in your heart.

For people of Palastine, be patience. Allah only give test that His servant can do. I’ll always pray for all of you. I’ll do anything for you insyaAllah.

Sincerely, Amin. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Smell ya!

Well hello there readers! I’ve story that I want to share. Actually it is about my funny moment in form 3. Hehehe.

The story started like this. One day at my school, in class where teacher A (idunrememberhername) teach us math and before me and my friends went to school, we took nasi lemak as our breakfast. My friend, B (hisnameissecret) who sit next to me ate the nasi lemak as he never taste that food before. Especially when he ate the yellow side of the egg

Back to the story, when teacher A want to use the path between B’s table and D’s table, suddenly, she use the other way. I just wondering, why she use the other way because the place she want go is two table behind B’s. Suddenly, I smell something. Something very smelly. Make me feel dizzy and want to vomit.

Only one guy in my class can produce this ctvk smell. Only him can produce this “silent kiler”. Only him can make this smelly silent fart. I look to B, and he make stupid face like nothing happen. Then the conversation happened :

Me: Kau kentut ke do?
B: Bau ke do?
Me: Bau  ___ ada, bau ___. Haram, busuk nak mampus.
B: Hehe tak tahan do. Telur kuning pulak tu.
Me: Agak ah do, dahlah busuk nak gila. Pastu cikgu ikut jalan lain.
B: Tu ah do, aku rasa dia bau.
Me: Kau ni pun, kalau aku boleh pengsan, dia apa lagi.
So, my guess is right. When I started to smell something smelly, only B can do it. Hehehe.
Moral: Please don’t fart in your class or your teacher will feel uncomfortable. Hehehehe.