Monday, December 3, 2012

Smell ya!

Well hello there readers! I’ve story that I want to share. Actually it is about my funny moment in form 3. Hehehe.

The story started like this. One day at my school, in class where teacher A (idunrememberhername) teach us math and before me and my friends went to school, we took nasi lemak as our breakfast. My friend, B (hisnameissecret) who sit next to me ate the nasi lemak as he never taste that food before. Especially when he ate the yellow side of the egg

Back to the story, when teacher A want to use the path between B’s table and D’s table, suddenly, she use the other way. I just wondering, why she use the other way because the place she want go is two table behind B’s. Suddenly, I smell something. Something very smelly. Make me feel dizzy and want to vomit.

Only one guy in my class can produce this ctvk smell. Only him can produce this “silent kiler”. Only him can make this smelly silent fart. I look to B, and he make stupid face like nothing happen. Then the conversation happened :

Me: Kau kentut ke do?
B: Bau ke do?
Me: Bau  ___ ada, bau ___. Haram, busuk nak mampus.
B: Hehe tak tahan do. Telur kuning pulak tu.
Me: Agak ah do, dahlah busuk nak gila. Pastu cikgu ikut jalan lain.
B: Tu ah do, aku rasa dia bau.
Me: Kau ni pun, kalau aku boleh pengsan, dia apa lagi.
So, my guess is right. When I started to smell something smelly, only B can do it. Hehehe.
Moral: Please don’t fart in your class or your teacher will feel uncomfortable. Hehehehe.


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