Thursday, December 27, 2012

Me, child.

Assalamualaikum and hye. How’re you? I hope that you’re in good condition. Okay, everyone has their own 
childhood memories, rite? So do I. My childhood memories was very beautiful. I write this post when I looked my old picture. I’m so putih hahaha.

Then Mama said “Putih kau Min, sekarang hitam legam” Lol. That’s true. What can I do, I’m nigga now. Hehehe. I want to show you something…..

I was Nascar rider. Sorry dude.

That's my punching bag. Did you that hole in the middle. I made it.
Beach boy. Hello ladies, hahaha.

These picture when i gave ceramah at masjid and i be their imam for Isya' prayer.

Spec model. I know that i'm handsome.

So all these photos made me feel very touched. I dont know why, haha. I love myself dude.

Sincere, Amin.

p/s : Mama and Abah, thanks for take a good care of me for 16 years. I do love you so much.

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